Slowly but Surly​.​.​.

by Everyday Destruction

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"Slowly but Surly..." EP


released June 19, 2012



all rights reserved


Everyday Destruction Austin, Texas

Four friends playing music for the fun.

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Track Name: It's A Wonderful Knife
Staring at the wall
trying to solve it all
but I can't get out of this bed
was it something that you said?
Another wasted night
the beer tasted fine
but I just wanna go home
can't you let me go home?

I'm thinking about the things
that keep me happy
as I pull my records off the shelf
when I just want some attention
can't I get some attention?
If every living thing was as pissed as me
We'd be in high demand for therapy
when I just want some attention
can't I get some attention?

Losing track of days
staying up too late
I'm not alive in the morning
I find the sunrise so boring
Nicotine sensations fill the empty conversations
you insist on having
when that's just too much planning
Track Name: Toe-Tappingly Tragic
Well I'm looking for a victory
in a sea of broken hope
and the less I try and fight it
the more difficult I cope
Cause I've been clinging to a memory
that broadcasts in black and white
and now my heart is slipping

Cause she said
“I just wanted you to know
there comes a time to let it go”

and these arms
are not a landing strip for sympathy
but she gets it out of me
every single time
If I only had an hour
to change the problems of this world
Well, I'd spend 56 of them with you.
Track Name: Here Today, Gun Tomorrow
The clouds that cover overhead
are blackening and frightening
I know they want me dead
Don't wanna die
Just wanna kill this moment
I'm there to point the blame
but where am I to own up?

But everytime I come around
I have to listen to these stupid lectures
Keeping what seems miles off the ground
That go on and on and on and on and on...

It's okay, It's alright
You can say just what you like
I don't know if I
have the energy to fight
and all the mysteries you said
Like a good book I never read
and I could pry to make it right
but I don't wanna make you cry
Look at all these mysteries you said
plot lines you created in your head
when everything you live is what you hate
it goes on and on and on and on and on...
Track Name: Drunk Dial Denial
turn the radio down and listen to your voice
through a sober mind I won't be making that choice
but you don't see it cause you don't know
and this conversation is going well off the ground
I just needed a drink to form these positive sounds
and what is it with this one?

We'll be going out tonight
call you in between the down of a pint
You just may, I just might
say what you want to hear

All the same lines, All the same moves
All the same lines, I said to you
and oh yes it's killing me tonight

and Sunday morning never comes as a given
when you cut my words into thin pieces of ribbon
confetti heart but no celebration
and all I need are moments to explain
but you hate my excuse, it's always one in the same
why can't you drink like me?

Another day is gone
and I'm not the one.
Track Name: Lunch For Breakfast
Well we can celebrate in the smoke filled room
and sleep till' noon then have lunch for breakfast
laughing with the tears in our eyes
I realize how much I don't regret this
The sun burning in our faces
as we drive back and forth
between our best friend's places
and I'm dead set on you
I'm dead set on you

We can spend our money on beer and punch
take a look at the change and realize how much

It's like I know what to say
until you make me feel that way
And I get all choked up
Yeah I get all choked up
Then you start to invade my dreams
It's not as creepy as it seems
I'm just dead set on you
I'm dead set on you

We can fade the scars and start it over tonight
or take a look at the stars realize what might
It's not right
You just might...